We verify and validate your users’ digital identity.

We prevent fraud by using technology. Now you can count on a group of experts who will help you prevent fraud and identity theft, all in one platform!

Establish the identity of your customers and users

Integrate your technological solutions in an easy and agile way so you can know your users’ identities.

Validate the truthfulness of your users’ data

With our powerful tool, you can identify fraud indicators by validating identification documents and validity of users (in the event of death)

Identify devices on which fraud is taking place

Validate equipment used to commit fraud. Our solutions include validation via OTP.

Automate Onboarding

No installation needed, only integration. We deliver the documentation to link IDentidApp through an easy API REST.

Frictionless: Fraud prevention that’s robust and invisible to your users

We provide reliance and security with full control over your users’ interactions. We focus on specific events that pose a security threat (instead of using general rules For each situation), thus creating a safe, frictionless environment for your users.

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Plan Comparison

  • Historical searches
  • OTP validation
  • Score Validation
  • Minors
  • Deceased Identification
  • Document Issue Date
  • Names Validation
  • Risk alerts
  • Web Service Integration
  • Web Application
  • Batch Processing
  • 27/7  support

Personal Identity Validation

The broader online data sets help create a unique and true view of a person's digital identity.
Our solution prevents and evidence fraud in real time and even reports IDs and data used for unauthorized or fraudulent records or access.


Validation Data

With our comprehensive solution for companies and users to prevent fraud, transactions are made in a faster, safer, trouble-free manner.


Ensure client life cycle with our authentication solutions to help protect user identity and to tackle fraud. There are different methods such as historical questions and OTP.


We provide up-to-date information directly from certified public sources. We automate your inquiries in a safe, non-invasive manner and we store the data so it can be re-used.

We love building solutions to improve the digital environment!

User registration process is 100% digital with the best fraud prevention technology available for Latin America.

What our clients say

Solutions for other needs

Applications that improve processes and satisfy specific needs of companies and users.

Vehicle Verifier

The #1 application for used vehicles. Through an automated search process, you can verify your counterpart when purchasing a car or motorcycle.

Background Checks and Due Diligence

A solution to fraud and money-laundering by validating background checks with the strictest standards of different industries in the region.

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